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Salon & Spa Business Management Solution

eSharing Corporation has partnered with Salon Iris to offer you Salon and Spa Business Management solutions, which have everything you need to run your salon or spa. Salon Iris salon software enables you to perform various tasks to better manage your salon and spa business, including appointment management, gift cards certificate, employee management, payroll, and much more.


View any day's schedule in easy-to-read format. Add and edit appointments quickly!


Easy-to-use backup feature. Built-in backup reminder.

Bar Coding

Works with most bar code scanners. Print out your own bar code labels.

Cash Drawer

Works with commercially available cash drawers.

Client Tracking

Record all information about your clients, including formula and hair style history, pictures, products, products bought, total spent, and much more.

Credit Cards

Select from two choices on how to process credit cards.


Determine employee performance including percent retained, top clients, and top clients for each employee.

Formula History

Record client formula history.

General Ledger

Track the financial transactions of your business, such as rent payments, utility payments, vendor shipments, and written checks. The General Ledger works very much like an interactive bank account statement. It even allows immediate check printing.

Gift Cards

Gift cards provide a quick and efficient way for your clients to pre-pay for products and services.

Gift Certificates

Keep a record of all gift certificates, original amount, and current balances.

Help System

Built-in help file and documentation.


Import client, employee, product, service, and vendor information from an existing database.


Automatically organize, count, track, tally, and order inventory based on your specification.


Create automatic mailing lists and labels that can be printed directly to gum labels, and work with other programs that do mail merging. Salon Iris comes with over 37 built-in gum label formats.


Connect multiple computers together within the same building and easily share information.

Online Booking

Your business can have its own, customized web site and your clients can book appointments and view your business's information (services offered, specials, etc.) over the Internet.

Package Support

Products and services can be easily grouped together and added to sales transaction in one step.


Keep your information secure with complete and versatile password protection. A master password allows access to every screen, and a separate password can be set for each individual screen.


Calculate payroll based on your specifications including Value-Added Tax (VAT), retirement, health care, and end of month or year totals.

Percent Retained

Determine the percent of customers each employee and your salon retains with great flexibility in search criteria.


Use a Pocket PC, or Personal Data Assistant (PDA), to download appointments and carry with you.


Record pictures of clients, including before and after sets, with a digital camera or scanner.


Track all product information, including retail and wholesale prices, stock count, and automatic reorder points.

Profit and Loss

The Professional package of Salon Iris can produce a complete profit and loss report.

QuickBooks Compatibility

Financial transactions, client , product, service, employee, and vendor information can easily be exported to QuickBooks.


Salon Iris salon software includes over eighty built-in reports and the ability to create your own reports.


Track and schedule appointments (even recurring) for services and products purchased.


Enter in each employee's recurring schedule (hours worked, days, off, holidays). Works with the appointment book.


Keep a completely custom list of service descriptions and prices. Salon Iris also 'remembers' what you charged each client for a particular service.


Track the number of remaining tanning minutes for each client, as well as the total number of tanning minutes each client has purchased or used.

Time Clock

Complete built-in time clock. Record hours worked and use in payroll calculations.


Optionally enter in tips when the time clock feature is used.


Keep a record of vendor information and payment history.

Wide Area Networking

Connect multiple stores together using our WAN (Wide Area Networking) feature.

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