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Nokia has been working closely with eSharing since 2010 on developing mobile device applications. The growth of our Nokia store is key to ensure our users are well served, and eSharing has been a great partner in achieving this goal by releasing products that help consumers lead their daily lives in a creative way.

Nadine Khoukaz
EDX Lead
Nokia Levant

eSharing has instituted the Going Green initiative by supporting and adopting environmentally-friendly technologies and products

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Mobile Device Applications

eSharing develops gaming, utility, telephony, and enterprise mobile applications for a variety of touch and keypad devices such as Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, and more. Our solutions support the following platforms:

Windows Phone

Sample Mobile Application List

A mobile application that notifies you automatically by email when your car receives a speeding ticket in Lebanon. More at www.zbouta.com
  • Create your personal account
  • Register as many as 5 cars per account
  • View your car speeding tickets, if any :)
  • Receive emails automatically when your cars receive a speeding ticket

American University of Beirut (AUB) MiniSis
A mobile version of the AUB Student Information System.

  • Registration
    • Check the registration process
    • Search for courses and seat availability
    • Display class schedules
    • General student records
  • Student Records
    • View holds
    • Midterm grades
    • Final grades
    • Grade detail
    • Academic transcript
    • Account summary
    • Dynamic catalog
    • Program transfer
    • Web statement of fees
  • Financial Aid
    • Check the status of your financial aid application

A mobile application that leverages the Telephone.com unified platform for converged communication.

  • Sign In and Sign Up
  • Account Management
  • Contacts Management
  • Favorites Management
  • Dialpad
  • SIP-Based Calling Capabilities
  • SMS Capabilities
  • History Listings
  • Call Listings

A mobile application that displays polls and allows users to participate in the displayed polls.

  • Definition of a poll, i.e., the question and its option answers
  • Definition of user properties relevant to the poll and its participants
  • Publishing of a poll
  • Capability for users to participate in a poll
  • Publishing of poll results
  • Sharing of poll results with friends
  • Definition of a reward system for participating in polls
  • The application leverages existing services offered by Social Network applications (i.e., Facebook and Twitter).
    • Authentication and user profiling
    • Sharing of polls and their results with friends
    • Accessing friends list and viewing their poll activity

Where is my Nokia?
A mobile application that lets you locate your phone by having it send you its GPS coordinates.
  • Enter your secret sentence
  • Run the application in the background
  • Send an sms to your phone with the secret sentence
  • Your phone will sms back its current GPS location with a link to view the location on a online map

GPA Estimator
A mobile application that estimates the Grade Point Average (GPA) based on the student’s input of grades and credits. The application also takes into account the Major/Elective and Pass/Fail statuses of courses while estimating the GPA.
  • Course Management
  • GPA Estimation

A mobile application that displays current and past Lebanese LOTO and ZEED draw results.
  • Display draw number and date, draw result, complementary number, next estimated jackpot
  • Display past LOTO results including rank, distribution, total amount of prizes, number of winning grids, and more
  • Display past ZEED results including rank, winning number, total amount of prizes, winning tickets, prize, ticket ending with numbers and matching prizes

A mobile application that displays the friends that defriended you on Facebook.

Fi Kahraba?
A mobile application that allows you to enter information pertaining to your electricity meters at home, in the office, etc., and displays the resulting expected and actual electricity outage hours.
Fi Kahraba?
  • Displays a graphic of the expected ON/OFF hours along the day
  • Able to notify you before a configurable number of minutes as to when there will be no electricity – very useful before taking the elevator :)

A mobile application that loads the number of dollars you spent talking on your mobile to date for the current month, and then provides additional tracking and notification capabilities for better managing your mobile phone bill.
  • Select the services you are subscribed to
  • Displays your total invoice to date
  • Displays the projected end of month total based on your current talking rate
  • Allows you to specify a talking-time dollar cap
  • Displays the total number of minutes allowed per day in order to avoid exceeding the set cap
  • And more...

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