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We have been pleasantly surprised with the excellent performance of the eSharing Software Quality Assurance team. As a result, we have expanded our business with them and awarded them additional projects.

Shannon N. Chenault
Vice President, Finance
Syncronus Corporation

eSharing has instituted the Going Green initiative by supporting and adopting environmentally-friendly technologies and products

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Document Management System

The eSharing Document Management System (DMS) centralizes the management processes of documentation within the enterprise. The eSharing DMS is offered as an on demand application (Software as a Service - SaaS), which is entirely scalable from a small department to a global organization capable of handling many thousands of documents. Documents can be viewed, approved and published from anywhere in the world and at any time.

The eSharing DMS features the creation, storage, search, distribution, retrieval, retention, routing, approval, and versioning of documents. It offers customers the ability to establish a secure, effective, and compliant framework for managing documentation assets.

The eSharing DMS is most beneficial for organizations that must centralize the storage and retrieval processes of all their documentation items. Moreover, the system audits all activities, enables content collaboration and routing, defines access rights, and controls document versions (work in progress) and revisions (released and approved documentation), among other functionalities.

Collaborating on Documents

The ability to distribute and share documents is inherent in the eSharing DMS. Documents may be retrieved by an authorized user and worked on, while access is blocked to other users while work is being performed on the document. Users may share one or multiple documents with one or many recipients. When a document is shared, both system and email notifications are sent to the recipient(s) with a link to the sent document. Recipients with whom documents are shared in ‘Read Only’ mode can only view these Documents. They cannot modify the properties of these documents. Recipients with whom Documents are shared in 'Read & Write' mode can view and edit the properties of these documents. Documents may be shared with the public or with a specific list of users.

Routing Documents

Users can route documents to other users following predefined approval steps. Document owners may define the workflow statuses that characterize approval chains. Default workflow statuses include 'Draft', 'Review', 'Pending', 'Submitted', 'Obsolete', 'Cancelled', 'On Hold', 'Released', and 'Expired'. The eSharing DMS uses rules-based workflows enabling the administrator to create a rule that dictates the flow of the document through an organization. Dynamic rules allow for branches to be created in a workflow process to other workflows based on different criteria.

Versioning Documents

Versioning is a process by which documents are checked in or out of the eSharing DMS, allowing users to retrieve previous versions and to continue work from a selected point. Versioning is useful for documents that change over time and require updating, but it may be necessary to go back to a previous copy. The version of documents is modified whenever the attachments are checked-out and checked-in. The version of a document holds a snapshot of all of the document’s current properties and attachment versions. Users can revert to any version and its corresponding revisions at any point in time.

Searching Documents

Users can search for documents based on specific criteria. Based on the results, the user can then view the details of a document and interact with it.

Organizing Documents

Users can organize documents in personalized tree-structured folders.

Retrieving Documents

Users can store and retrieve documents and manage access rights to these attachments accordingly. Users can 'Check Out' files. When a user completes the edits on the checked-out file, the latter is 'Checked In'. As a result, the document becomes editable by other users according to their privileges.

Security & Control

Document security and control are vital to our customers as their business processes often require strict control and access to their documents which often include valuable intellectual property. Furthermore, there many compliance requirements that dictate that certain documents can be quite complex depending on the type of documents. The eSharing DMS includes a rights management module that lets an administrator give access to documents based on type to only certain people or groups of people.

Storage & Archiving

Documents are stored in a secure vault and can only be accessed for modification by users who have authoring rights. Document access is strictly controlled and users are only able to access documents for which they have been granted access rights. In addition, the transfer of files between the vault and the user’s system is done over a secure connection using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Users are able to package documents into archives for easy handling and distribution.

Audit Trail

Document history is automatically updated as information about the document and its files is provided and the document is approved. All changes affecting all the attributes of the document are logged in the audit trail.

Microsoft Office Integration

The eSharing DMS integrates its document management capabilities directly into Microsoft Office 2007, so that users may retrieve existing documents directly from the document management system repository, make changes, and save the changed document back to the repository as a new version, all without leaving the Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Whether it is a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, a Microsoft Project schedule, or a Microsoft Visio diagram, you can now access the eSharing DMS from your desktop application with the click of a button.

The eSharing Document Management Solution is 


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