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The eSharing team rapidly built for us a complex custom retail and wholesale solution on the Universant appliance, enabling us to increase our revenues and have visibility into the performance of each of our brands.

Kimberly Foxworth
Decorium Design Corporation

eSharing has instituted the Going Green initiative by supporting and adopting environmentally-friendly technologies and products

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desktop-32x32.png ScriptLogic Desktop Authority
Comprehensive desktop management, patch deployment, anti-spy ware and interactive web-based remote management.
acrobat_logo.gif ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Data Sheet (English Size: 446 KB)
image-center32x32.png ScriptLogic Image Center
Centrally provision your desktop and server operating systems, including post-image OS customization.
acrobat_logo-(1).gif ScriptLogic Image Center Data Sheet (English Size: 668 KB)
msi-studio32x32.png ScriptLogic MSI Studio Pro
MSI Studio is the complete application software packaging solution used by system administrators, software packagers and setup developers worldwide.
acrobat_logo-(2).gif ScriptLogic MSI Studio Pro Data Sheet (English Size: 266 KB)
password-self-service32x32.png ScriptLogic Password Self-Service
Desktop Authority Password Self-Service provides an easy-to-use, robust system for allowing users to reset their own forgotten passwords or locked accounts, eliminating the biggest source of help desk calls.
acrobat_logo.gif ScriptLogic Password Self-Service Data Sheet (English Size: 361 KB)
patch-authority-ultimate32x32.png ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate
Patch Authority Ultimate prevents attacks and exploits through centralized control of updates on all Windows desktops and servers.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Patch Authority Ultimate Data Sheet (English Size: 790 KB)
PA-logo-icon.png ScriptLogic Privilege Authority
The free privilege elevation tool from ScriptLogic. Grant elevated rights only to those applications, features and ActiveX controls that really need them.


help-desk-authority32x32.png ScriptLogic Help Desk Authority
Available for both Web and Windows environments, Help Desk Authority offers seamless trouble ticket tracking for reducing the entire life cycle of an issue.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Help Desk Authority Data Sheet (English Size: 404 KB)
  ScriptLogic Incident Management Solution
The Incident Management solution reduces support costs while increasing service levels by providing a comprehensive solution to prevent, manage, and respond to support issues. This solution is comprised of three ScriptLogic products: Help Desk Authority, Remote Support Center, and Desktop Authority® Password Self-Service™.
remote-support-center32x32.png ScriptLogic Remote Support Center
Remote Support Center reduces the cost of providing support to local and remote workers with secure, centralized, web-based remote management and remote control.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Remote Support Center Data Sheet (English Size: 541 KB)


perspective-icon-32x32.png ScriptLogic Perspective
Network management and application monitoring solution that integrates network traffic, LAN, wireless and VoIP. Perspective solves problems with bandwidth, connectivity, network and application performance quickly and easily.
sl360-32x32.png ScriptLogic sl360
The free network monitoring and network management tool suite from ScriptLogic. Consolidate dozens of network monitoring tools into a single interface.


archive-manager32x32.png ScriptLogic Archive Manager
Archive Manager enables you to capture, index, search and archive Exchange messages and attachments, allowing administrators to reduce Exchange storage costs, meet compliance demands and simplify email quota management.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Archive Manager Data Sheet (English Size: 759 KB)
change-auditor32x32.png Quest Change Auditor for Exchange
Change Auditor for Exchange proactively audits all activity, provides real-time alerts and tracks vital changes in-depth in your Exchange environment.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Change Auditor for Exchange Data Sheet (English Size: 1,984 KB)
message-stats32x32.png Quest MessageStats
MessageStats simplifies management of Exchange helping IT administrators to improve performance, increase efficiencies and plan for capacity requirements.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest MessageStats Data Sheet (English Size: 1,055 KB)
PA-logo-icon-(1).png Quest Policy Authority for Unified Communications
Policy Authority for Unified Communications helps organizations demonstrate real-time compliance by providing a means to control various types of communications including email, IM and mobile messaging with strict adherence to industry rules and standards.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Policy Authority for Unified Communications Data Sheet (English Size: 708 KB)
recovery-manager32x32.png Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange
Recovery manager for Exchange discovers and recovers business-critical Exchange data to aid electronic investigations, reduce the cost of discovery and provide end users with the ability to perform their own message-level data recovery.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange Data Sheet (English Size: 880 KB)
spotlight-on-messaging32x32.png Quest Spotlight on Messaging
Spotlight on Messaging optimizes the performance and availability of messaging environments and directs the resolution of operational issues to simplify administration, improve productivity and control costs.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Spotlight on Messaging Data Sheet (English Size: 1,595 KB)


change-auditor32x32-(1).png Quest Change Auditor
Change Auditor for file systems drives the security and control of Files Systems by tracking, all key folder and file changes in real-time.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Change Auditor Data Sheet (English Size: 1,859 KB)
enterprise-security-reporter32x32.png ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter
Identifies and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of permissions on NTFS, shares, services, printers and registry keys.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter Data Sheet (English Size: 1,383 KB)
file-system-auditor32x32.png ScriptLogic File System Auditor
File System Auditor audits, reports and alerts on Windows file server activity, showing who touched which files and folders, when and on what server.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic File System Auditor Data Sheet (English Size: 937 KB)
secure-copy32x32.png ScriptLogic Secure Copy
Secure Copy is a powerful and comprehensive data migration solution that automates the copying of data between Windows NT/2000/2003 servers without agents or scripts.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Secure Copy Data Sheet (English Size: 155 KB)

ScriptLogic Security Explorer
Manage security on NTFS volumes, files shares, and registry keys.

acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Security Explorer Data Sheet (English Size: 860 KB)


active-administrator32x32.png ScriptLogic Active Administrator
Active Directory security, Group Policy Management, AD auditing and reporting featuring offline GPO repository and AD object-level backup/restore.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Active Administrator Data Sheet (English Size: 1,190 KB)
activeroles-server32x32.png Quest Active Roles Server
ActiveRoles Server can help you manage, automatically provision, re-provision and, more importantly, de-provision users quickly, efficiently and securely in Active Directory, AD LDS (formerly ADAM) and beyond.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Active Roles Server Data Sheet (English Size: 1,573 KB)
change-auditor32x32-(2).png Quest Change Auditor for Active Directory
Change Auditor for Active Directory proactively tracks, audits, reports and alerts on vital configuration changes without the overhead of native auditing.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Change Auditor for Active Directory Data Sheet (English Size: 134 KB)
gpoadmin32x32.png Quest GPO Admin
GPO Admin extends the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) so you can quickly and effectively administer GPO changes and verify and compare GPO versions over time.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest GPO Admin Data Sheet (English Size: 1,263 KB)
recovery-manager32x32-(1).png Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory
Recovery Manager for Active Directory offers an easy-to-use solution for fast, granular, online recovery of Active Directory (AD) in the event of inadvertent modification of AD due to software failure or human error.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory Data Sheet (English Size: 1,359 KB)
reporter32x32.png Quest Reporter
Reporter provides automated discovery and comparison of configuration related items to support planning, securing and auditing of your Windows infrastructure.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Reporter Data Sheet (English Size: 779 KB)
spotlight-on-AD32x32.png Quest Spotlight on Active Directory
Spotlight on Active Directory offers proactive performance monitoring and real-time diagnostics for detecting, troubleshooting and rapidly resolving replication, performance and availability problems in Active Directory environments.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest Spotlight on Active Directory Data Sheet (English Size: 2,432 KB)


enterprise-security-reporter32x32-(2).png ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint
Identifies and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of permissions within a SharePoint environment.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint Data Sheet (English Size: 1,458 KB)


enterprise-security-reporter32x32-(3).png ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter for SQL Server
Identifies and reports on the strengths and weaknesses of permissions within an SQL Server environment.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif ScriptLogic Enterprise Security Reporter for SQL Server Data Sheet (English Size: 2,643 KB)
lightspeed32x32.png Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server
LiteSpeed for SQL Server dramatically reduces storage costs and backup/recovery windows by compressing data up to 95%, in 50% less time than other backup solutions.
acrobat_logo-(3).gif Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server Data Sheet (English Size: 868 KB)

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