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Nokia has been working closely with eSharing since 2010 on developing mobile device applications. The growth of our Nokia store is key to ensure our users are well served, and eSharing has been a great partner in achieving this goal by releasing products that help consumers lead their daily lives in a creative way.

Nadine Khoukaz
EDX Lead
Nokia Levant

eSharing has instituted the Going Green initiative by supporting and adopting environmentally-friendly technologies and products

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eSharing enables our clients to gain operational efficiencies more profitably and in a short period of time. The customer testimonials below reveal how businesses are benefiting from eSharing''s expertise to reduce their operating costs, increase productivity, decrease project cycle time, and enhance their product and service offerings.


 unive_33_logo.jpg quote_left.gifThe eSharing team has demonstrated unparalleled skills and competence in adopting our application development appliance.quote_right.gif
Craig Macy
Chief Executive Officer
Universant Corporation
 salum_39_logo.gif quote_left-(1).gifWe have had continuous success with the eSharing team and we are now doing our eighth project with them.quote_right-(1).gif
Elie Nieman
General Manager
 decor_54_logo.jpg quote_left-(2).gifThe eSharing team rapidly built for us a complex custom retail and wholesale solution on the Universant appliance, enabling us to increase our revenues and have visibility into the performance of each of our brands.quote_right-(2).gif
Kimberly Foxworth
Decorium Design Corporation
 alaks_21_logo.png quote_left-(3).gifThe service level and quality that we receive from eSharing earned them our loyalty with more than a dozen projects that we have already outsourced to them.quote_right-(3).gif
Jad Moussa
General Manager
Alakso SAL
 talki_18_logo.jpg quote_left-(4).gifeSharing offers us competitively priced outsourced solutions and professional services that are constantly adaptive to the evolving nature of our requirements. eSharing is not the first off-shore, outsourced professional services group I've worked with, but they are the best. quote_right-(4).gif
Mary Nowak
Talking Points Professionals
 AgileSoftwareCorporation_28_2.gif quote_left-(4).gifWe consider eSharing as one of our key strategic partners.quote_right-(4).gif
Steve Chalgren
Director, Product Management
Agile Software Corporation
 creat_6_logo.jpg quote_left-(4).gifSince we partnered with eSharing, they constantly demonstrated their professionalism and provided us with high quality deliverables, which had a positive impact on our product’s image.quote_right-(4).gif
Nicholas Rafka
Manager, Information Technology
Creative Hardware for Integrated Products (CHIP)
 syncr_32_logo.gif quote_left-(4).gifWe have been pleasantly surprised with the excellent performance of the eSharing Software Quality Assurance team. As a result, we have expanded our business with them and awarded them additional projects.quote_right-(4).gif
Shannon N. Chenault
Vice President, Finance
Syncronus Corporation
 AgileSoftwareCorporation_28_2-(1).gif quote_left-(4).gifWith their professionalism and eagerness to meet our requirements, the eSharing team has earned our appreciation and loyalty.quote_right-(4).gif
Steve Chalgren
Director, Product Management
Agile Software Corporation
 AgileSoftwareCorporation_28_2-(2).gif quote_left-(4).gifIn eSharing, we found a reliable partner that guarantees us on-demand expertise as well as permanent project capabilities to address our outsourcing needs.quote_right-(4).gif
Sandie Ngo
Manager, QA & International Products
Agile Software Corporation

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